Отель Ситара
About our Hotel
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If you think that the way to the star is not close, you may be sure it's not true. "Sitara" means "a star" in Hindi, and it is very easy to reach it - just go to the left from Tver railway station and then walk up five minutes - you will get right to the Sitara. It's a small cozy hotel which would be a perfect choice for families.

At present the hotel consists of two buildings, 43 rooms in total. There are 26 full-fledged comfortable rooms with a large bed, TV, refrigerator, microwave oven and a kettle in the main building.
Economy class rooms are situated in the second building. Each room has a TV, fridge and kettle. The facilities are located on the floor. Also there is a kitchen which can be used for cooking.
An average cost of a bed in the second building is 500 rubles per day. In the nearest future it is planned to expand the hotel up to 70 cozy rooms.
In case you need any reporting forms upon your stay, we will gladly provide them. It is also possible to rent rooms hourly.

The Sitara hotel is comfortable and clean. Our caring staff will kindly answer all of your questions and provide with a necessary assistance. The reception is open day and night. The WI-FI is free and available all around the hotel.
One of our incontestable advantages - we are happy to welcome your pets. Please note that it has to be arranged beforehand.

The hotel was found in 2015. The second building appeared recently - in early 2019. It is located in a quiet district of the city with a large supermarket nearby. The territory of the hotel is quite large. In the remote part there is a recreation area where you can relax on a swing or make a BBQ. As a bonus - the hotel has a guarded parking zone and a car wash providing special discounts for our guests.
The territory allows us to expand further. Within the year we are planning to open an Indian cafe next to the hotel, and a bit later - a restaurant. In addition to Russian cuisine, an Indian one would also be presented here. What can you taste? Besides main dishes there would be a variety of incredible sweets, for example, golden-brown balls soaked in sugar syrup called gulab jamun. In India this dessert is considered to be symbolic as it represents a special friendly relationship and love for guests.

If you want to combine your stay with a trip to mysterious India, then the Sitara Hotel is perfect for you.
At the reception there is a clock showing Moscow and Delhi time. Green, flowers, exotic souvenirs and colorful photos of the most famous sights of the country would definitely not leave you indifferent. And it doesn't matter whether there is a wind or snow outside: in Sitara you would feel like being thousands of kilometers away in a country where it's always sunny.
It is not surprising that, upon leaving the hotel, guests provide such kind and hearty feedback.
- Having visited you I felt like having visited India. It's evident that you invest not only efforts in the hotel, but your soul. Thank you so much for that.

Address: str. 1st - Trusova, 33.
Reservations by phone: +7 904 350 9646
Reservations online: sitara-hotel.ru

We want everyone to feel at home in our hotel
  • 24 hour reception
    Our administrators will answer all Your questions
  • We provide reporting documents
    For military personnel and seconded persons
  • Wi-fi throughout
    Free high-speed Internet is available throughout the hotel and the summer terrace
  • Free secure Parking
    All guests have a special discount on car wash at our partners
  • Free transfer from the railway station
    The service is available when booking online
  • Convenient location
    We are located near the railway station
  • Table tennis
    You can play with your friends or with our administrators :)
  • Trampoline in front of hotel
    Your kids will be happy:)
  • Darts
    Challenge your friends in accuracy:)
  • Badminton
    Theres a net, shuttlecock and rackets
Tver, st.1-st Trusova 33. Hotel"Sitara"
Phone: +7 (961) 015-62-05
8(4822) 64 98 51
For English and Hindi conversation : 8 904 007 98 51
E-mail: info@sitara-hotel.ru